‘The aesthetics of an artist, the reflexes of a sports shooter; the people skills of Oprah- and a big love for Love.”

  - The Qualities of a Wedding Photographer,

American Photo Magazine 2013



capturing the moments, creating the memories


My interest in photography began at a young age when I used to go to yard sales on weekends with my parents - buying all the old-dusty-vintage cameras I could find. None of them worked but I was fascinated by these mechanical contraptions that varied in sizes, make, and models. Since they didn't work they ended up being shelf ornaments in my bedroom - something for me to gaze at and dream over before I went to sleep. Then one day my mom entrusted me by giving me a Polariod camera, one that actually worked! If you aren't familiar with a Polariod camera it instantly prints the image once you take, you then take the photo - shake it a little (so it develops) and voila, the image appears - like MAGIC! So there I was clicking the shutter left and right taking snapshots of everything and anything. And then I was hooked - capturing moments and objects in time with just a click of a button.

My next camera investment came in high school after I got my first job and saved up the money - it was a Canon EOS Rebel 35 mm. With this camera I was able to start experimenting with what I wanted to focus on, the IOS, the aperture and so forth. The prints don't magically appear with this type of camera so I spent many paychecks on rolls of film and developing them at my local Rite-Aid. Impatiently waiting for the one-hour photo developing time to complete. Around this time digital cameras started become popular and I just DREAMED of owning one. To think the image appears and can be viewed before printing - think of how many test shots one could take or all the film strips you wouldn't have to find a secure place to store! It was then for my high school graduation that I was blessed with getting my first Canon DSLR (digital camera). 

After high school I continued my education at Colby-Sawyer College (this is where I received my B.S. in business administration and a B.A. in studio art with a concentration in photography in 2013). I didn't intend on taking photography classes while at CSC but I did and it was a wonderful experience. Learning how to actual develop film myself, being able to try out working vintage film cameras, gaining knowledge of how a camera actual works, and being surrounded by other supporting photographers who offered feedback and tips. After taking a few classes I decided to go for it and make it a second major, in hopes of one day blending both fields (business and photography) into a career. While in college I began this endeavor by starting to take on clients for maternity shoots, weddings, portraiture sessions and so on. I also began showing my landscape and fine art work in local galleries. Fast forward six plus years I am still snapping pictures left and right. My photography is something I do on the side (my full time job is in event planning) but having it this way allows me to not have to freight over making money to survive but instead making memories for new clients and building/fostering relationships with those I get to work with.

That's me in a nutshell. I am a Canon shooting, sweet eating, detail obsessed, people person, love LOVE girl. 

I hope we get the opportunity to connect. If you have any questions about my work or services please just let me know. 




Artist Resume:  

Juried Show & Exhibitions

Newport Library 102nd Winter Carnival Photography Exhibit                                    Winter '18

Newport Library Art Center's Black & White Exhibition                                              Winter '18

Newport Library Art Center's Juried Regional Exhibition                                            Summer '17

Newbury, N.H. Old Home Days                                                                                   Summer '17

Alliance for the Visual Arts Gallery 22nd Juried Art Exhibition                                   Summer '17

Project Sunapee's Flash Bash Exhibit                                                                          June '17

Abbott Library's Photography Exhibit                                                                           August '16 

Alliance for the Visual Arts Gallery 21st Juried Art Exhibition                                       Summer '15

Newport Library Art Center's Juried Regional Exhibition                                              Spring '14

Alliance for the Visual Art Gallery 20th Juried Art Exhibition                                        Summer '13

Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Juried Student Art Exhibition                                            Spring '12, '13

Wesson Honors Juried Art Exhibition                                                                            Winter '12


Awards and Honors

Second Place, 102nd Newport Winter Carnival Photography Exhibit

People's Choice Award, 2017 Project Sunapee's Flash Bash at Harbor House Livery

Best in Show, Juror's Award, 2017 Project Sunapee's Flash Bash at Harbor House Livery

Best in Show in Photography, 2013 Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Juried Student Art Exhibition

Third in Ceramics, 2013 Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Juried Student Art Exhibition

Second Place in Photography, 2012 Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Juried Student Art Exhibition  

GOAT Choice Award, 2012 Wesson Honor Juried Exhibition                                                         




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